Graphic design

Graphic design

The graphic charter is a set of rules and recommendations that define the visual identity of a company or organisation. It includes graphic elements such as the logo, colours, typography, icons, illustrations, etc., which are used for the company’s visual communication.

The graphic charter is an essential tool for ensuring the coherence and visual quality of all the company’s communication media, whether it be the website, brochures, posters, business cards, etc. It helps to strengthen the company’s brand image, improve its visibility and promote its recognition among customers and prospects.


Working with XXL Web, clients can expect a professional logo design process tailored to meet their specific needs:

  • Custom Logo Design: XXL Web works with the client to create a unique, custom logo that perfectly represents their brand and values.
  • Multiple proposals: XXL Web offers several different logo options so that the client can choose the one that best suits their needs.
  • Unlimited revisions: XXL Web offers unlimited revisions until the client is satisfied with the final logo.
  • High quality files: XXL Web provides high quality files in different formats to enable the client to use their logo on different media, such as websites, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Logo Style Guide: XXL Web provides a logo style guide which includes guidelines on the correct use of the logo, colours and associated fonts to ensure brand consistency.
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Photography & video

XXL Web also offers photography and video services for companies that want to improve their online presence and brand image. Professional photography and video can help showcase products, services and the company itself, communicating visually and engagingly with potential customers.

Photography services can include studio or on-site shoots, as well as image processing and editing to ensure professional quality. Video services can include the production of promotional, advertising or training videos, as well as editing and post-production.

XXL Web works with professional photographers and videographers to provide high quality services to its clients.

Web design

Web design refers to the visual and aesthetic design of a website. This includes the layout, typography, images, colours and all the graphic elements that make up the overall appearance of the website. Web design is essential for the user experience and to create a consistent visual identity for the company. Good web design should also take into account the functionality and usability of the website. Web design professionals use tools such as graphic design software, web programming languages such as HTML and CSS, and frameworks to create attractive and functional websites.