Excellence Pack


The durability of your site requires regular maintenance.
Indeed, regular maintenance and an evolving content management will be essential to the proper functioning of your site. Some modifications are sometimes necessary.

Catégorie :


Types of modifications possible :

– Modify an image / a text / an article / a form
– Modify the page of a slider (image scroll)
– Integrate an image / a text / a slide / an article / a form
– Modification of the Header / Footer
– Integrating a Facebook page or any other social network **
– Editing an existing video **
– Approve/Reply/Edit a comment **
– Modify/validate an order
– Create/Modify a product for e-commerce module
– Change payment method settings for e-commerce module
– Integrating a payment method (cheque, cash)
– Cleaning up databases
– Security updates for CMS and various extensions or plugins

** If the integration and/or modification of the same element concerns several pages, we count one intervention per page
If the removal of the same element concerns several pages, we only count one intervention


Technical maintenance does not include

– The redesign of your site
– The complete development of a new page
– The complete realization of a slider (scrolling images)
– The creation of a logo or any other graphic element
– Integration of a new payment method (credit card, Paypal, bank transfer)
– All interventions due to a bad use of the Back office


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