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We offer a business pack. It is the ideal solution for showcase websites, requiring more than 5 pages and a portfolio

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With an affordable price, for small businesses and individuals. Your website is your business showcase site, with WORDPRESS administrative space.

The Site with administrative space WORDPRESS

Ideal for sites that do not require updates and blogging, affordable rates for small businesses and individuals.
– graphic charter
– hosting solution
– website
– maintenance
– natural referencing
– traffic analysis
– paid referencing
– 5 to 6 pages
– company description
– description of services
– photo gallery
– video integration
– domain features
– contact form with email and phone
– royalty-free photo
– blog
– social network links
– responsive
– seo content keyword analysis
– google my business
– google analytics
– legal notices
– hosting plus domain name, https, ssl and mail forwarding


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